What to Watch for When Buying Golden Roses

Buying Golden Roses

What to Watch for When Buying Golden Roses

A golden rose is the perfect gift for a loved one or a little treat for yourself. It’s easy to search ‘golden rose’ in the search bar and choose the first suggestion, but that would be a mistake. Not all golden roses are created equal. Literally. The process by which a rose is grown, selected and preserved in gold can vary greatly between companies. Some companies may not even truly know how the proverbial sausage is made. Some companies may, sadly, be a bit dishonest. Here’s what to look for when buying golden roses.

If it’s Too Good to be True; Then it IS

PLEASE don’t expect the $13.00 golden rose from the chain store website to be a real rose, really dipped in real gold. There is just no way that a price point that low would realistically be worth the cost of the genuine gold alone. Then, consider the cost of quality roses and the labor of hand dipping to ensure quality. Obviously, a golden rose that is cheap may not be what you bargained for. Anything below $80 to $100 minimum cost (barring a reputable company with an extreme sale) may decrease in quality with price point.

What Kind of Quality is the Rose?

If you want a beautiful golden rose, you have to start with a beautiful rose. The idea behind a golden rose or even silver rose is to preserve the rose in precious metal. So, what are we preserving here? Do you have a long, stem rose that was picked at its peak of perfection right as it is beginning to bloom? Is it actually a fresh rose or is it a fake, plastic and fabric rose coated in who knows what?

You want to make sure the company you are purchasing a golden rose from describes the roses they use to coat in gold. Most golden roses are at least 7 to 10 inches in total length. Longer roses are also available. You should be able to see the details of the thorns, petals and the tiny imperfect grooves along the stem. It should, in fact, look like a real rose that has been coated in gold.

Hand-dipped is Best

There are several reasons why roses that are hand-dipped in gold are better than a factory process. Hand-dipping the roses ensures better quality. There will be less chances of drip lines and a better attention to detail. The rose is more sure to be fully coated and, in turn, more well-preserved.

What Kind of Gold is Best for Golden Roses?

The most beautiful and everlasting golden roses are hand-dipped in 24 karat gold. There are alternatives such as lower karats and dipping the rose in a lesser metal and then painting in gold. These methods can cause tarnishing, discoloration and ultimately, a metal shell with an unreserved mess inside of it. If you really want the beauty and meaning of your golden rose to last forever; it’s important that you choose a 24 karat gold option.

Golden Roses Painted With Color

There are many kinds of golden roses. Some manufacturers offer painting on the golden roses that make it look more like the original rose than a golden color. This method can be tricky since the enamel may not last. It’s also difficult to differentiate the real gold roses from the fakes with the painting aspect. While this is a matter of taste, it can also be a matter of quality. A true, 24 karat, hand-dipped golden rose is exquisite without painted color and will shine for decades.

Invest in the Best For Golden Roses

If you want to buy a golden rose, it’s usually for a special occasion and for a special person. Do some research and purchase from a reputable company. Don’t buy the discounted, suspicious origin roses. Get a quality, hand-dipped, 24-karat golden rose.


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