Spring into Golden Roses


It’s spring! Spring is a time for renewal, for love, for beauty and for flowers. As the trees bud and all the creatures awaken, it’s time to plan for all of your spring and summer events. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to keep up with enjoying every gathering and choosing the perfect gifts or tokens of appreciation for those friends and family we haven’t seen through the long winter. Flowers are a beautiful, traditional gift for any occasion and you can upgrade your flowers with golden roses or silver roses.

Mother’s Day

Mom is usually the lady that we shoved handfuls of wildflowers, dandelions and flowering weeds at in our formative years. A mother loves any gift from her child. In adulthood, it’s nice to give Mom something nicer than a bundle of mustard weed for Mother’s day. Have a Mom who has it all? Have a Mom who has gotten tired of throwing away dead flowers? A dozen golden roses, a single golden rose or even some silver roses (maybe get wild and do both) are the perfect gift for any mom. She’s sure to look at a golden rose gift for years to come with memories of not only the year you gave it to her, but all the years before.

Father’s Day

Hopefully, in this day and age, we can all agree that men like pretty things too. Your father, father-in-law, husband, step-dad, son or nephew that has everything is sure to appreciate a long-stem, rose, hand-dipped in 24 karat gold. People are increasingly realizing that they don’t just want a bunch of stuff. The minimalist lifestyle is taking over across the globe. So give dad a gift that will last, won’t take up much space, is sentimental and beautiful to look at.

Christenings, Baptisms and First Communions

It can be hard to buy a baby or child a meaningful gift for religious occasions such as these. A toy seems inappropriate but anything fragile…..forget it. A golden rose or silver rose can be perfect for these occasions. A real rose, hand dipped in 24 karat gold or silver will be a cherished gift and family heirloom for years to come. The parents of the little one will be truly touched that you thought of an everlasting gift with the charm of spring flowers.

Bat Mitzvahs and Quinceaneras

Spring is also a time of year for elaborate Bat Mitzvahs and Quinceaneras! These are celebrations of boys and girls becoming young men and women! A dozen hand-dipped golden roses or silver roses are the perfect gift for these rights of passage. Let your gift stand out as a timeless treasure instead of some fancy swag these kids will toss out in a year. Golden roses are a great symbol of these adolescents blooming into the adults they will become. Their parents will surely appreciate your unique and well-thought gift.


Spring is graduation season! Whether you are attending a high school, college or graduate program graduation; you should gift a golden rose or silver rose. Grads love cards stuffed with money after that expensive and stressful sprint. But you will truly stand out by giving them a gift. A golden rose is small and sentimental. It’s something that they can look at for many years and remember their accomplishment along with the special person who gave it to them.


For many of us; spring is wedding season. While most couples have an elaborate wedding registry; you can often find yourself wondering what to get the happy couple. Many weddings include several events. There is the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelor and bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner and the big day. A golden rose (or a dozen) make a special gift that the couple can appreciate for any of these wedding events. All the flowers will eventually die but your gift of a golden rose will last eternally like the new spouse’s love (we hope!).

Have a beautiful spring and enjoy all of the events that spring has to offer with family and friends. As your schedule gets busier and you scramble to find gifts for your spring events, remember a golden rose is truly the perfect gift for all of your spring events and literally for anyone. You can even get yourself a dozen golden roses and use them for every occasion all spring and summer long!





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