What We Love About Silver


What We Love About Silver

Silver is not the new gold…it is in a league of its own. Many people are either into silver or gold. But some people flip flop or even mix multiple metals. Silver has its own classy elegance that complements certain precious stones. It looks great on anyone and it is a versatile touch to any home decor. Silver also has many meanings and sentimental significance.

The Silver Anniversary

In a world where everyone is breaking tradition and creating their own new reality, sometimes, it’s nice to honor the customs of the past. The Farmer’s Almanac used to be the go-to manual for learning what the moon cycles meant and what strange materials each wedding anniversary gift required. Materials like paper, cotton and wood were given for the first few years. The traditional, twenty-fifth Anniversary gift is Silver. Silver jewelry is always a stunning choice for a bit of sparkle and shine. Yet, many are combining the sentiment of flowers with the elegance of precious metal by giving hand- dipped silver roses. In the “olden days” it was much harder to scrape together enough money for silver or gold (I’d like to see the look on someone’s face when they get paper as an anniversary gift). Today, it is affordable to splurge on a dozen silver roses for a 25th wedding anniversary!

The Quadranscentennial

Try saying that three times fast! The Quadranscentennial is a 25 year increment, much like an anniversary that is celebrated with….you guessed it….silver! This makes a silver rose perfect as a gift for the owner of a company celebrating its twenty-five (25) years in business. You could always go in with a group for twenty-five long stem silver roses for 25 years.

Silver roses are also a great way to commemorate a non-profit’s success for 25 years. Imagine the look of surprise from the founder of a non-profit for recognition of a quarter century in the form of a dazzling, silver rose.

Has it been 25 years since your friend wrote that book? Developed a product? Left a bad relationship? Wherever you want to celebrate a quadranscentennial, do it with silver!

The Silver Jubilee

It sounds so fancy and fun; silver jubilee. Of course, this term stems from royalty. The silver jubilee was traditionally the marking of 25 years of a monarch’s reign. The pope and non-royal state leaders also celebrate the silver jubilee. It’s a great chance to throw a lavish party with silver as the theme. The last, well-known silver jubilees were celebrated by Pope John Paul II in 1997 and the deceased, Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. However, King Abdullah of Jordan just celebrated his silver jubilee in February 2024!

Most of us don’t know royalty or statesmen. But how about that military family member who has stuck it out for 25 years? Surely, they would appreciate a silver jubilee celebration and one or more silver roses as a gift that will take their breath away.

The Noble Metal

Silver has always been a sign of wealth, class and elegance; much like gold. Silver has even been known for purity and protection. In many cultures, silver has been used to ward off evil spirits and is used in amulets and rituals. It is common knowledge that a silver bullet is what you need if a werewolf is attacking you.

Some new age theorists believe that silver is actually healing through its energy and molecular composition. There are claims that wearing silver or being surrounded by it, promotes better sleep, health, good dreams and even antibiotic properties.

While we aren’t sure that silver is going to cure your strep throat, it is a beautiful and versatile metal to give as a gift, particularly at a 25 years celebration. So, skip the jewelry counter and order a bouquet of long-stem silver roses for your next 25 year celebration whether it be a jubilee, anniversary or birthday; a silver rose is sure to commemorate the occasion.


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