The Best 60th Birthday Gift

60th birthday

The Best 60th Birthday Gift

This month, actor Pierce Brosnan decided to celebrate his wife Keely’s birthday in a distinctly romantic way.

“60 roses for my brown-eyed girl on her 60th birthday,” Brosnan captioned an Instagram photo of the couple embracing behind a bouquet of bold red blooms. Quite the gesture!

As you may know, red symbolizes love and romance, which makes it the perfect color for an unforgettable birthday gift to someone you adore. It’s a classic, after all, and universally recognized as a go-to for special occasions. You may also be thinking, 60 red roses? That must have cost a LOT. And you’d be right.

While you don’t have to be a famous actor to show an expression of love like this, no doubt it helps to have those hefty paychecks. With this in mind, here are some of our favorite alternatives.

What to Give Someone on Their Birthday

Gift giving can be stressful no matter who it’s for. And when it comes to birthday presents for your wife or girlfriend, the pressure is on! Luckily, there are some guaranteed-great ideas to consider.

If she likes flowers—and truthfully, who doesn’t? —gift her something that will last longer than a week or two! Try one of Love Picker’s 7-inch 24K Gold-Dipped Natural Roses. Made by hand, each electroplated natural rose is picked at its peak and dipped in real 24K gold. It even comes in a plush, genuine-leather gift box.

Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Like the idea of a gold-dipped rose but want to take it up a notch? Elevate your gift-giving with custom engraving. Commemorate a milestone, anniversary, or birthday with your own names or phrases.

This is one of the easiest ways to make a special day not only more meaningful, but also uniquely theirs.

Another idea? Go big. That’s right—Love Picker roses also come in 11.5 in. sizes. This way your gold-dipped gift will look a lot like traditional long-stems, but better.

Need something a little more like Pierce Brosnan’s bold gesture? We’ve got you covered. Make it memorable with one dozen gold-dipped roses! This is the perfect present for a major anniversary or a big birthday celebration. And unlike Brosnan’s bouquet, this gift can’t be found just anywhere.

Things to Remember on Her Birthday

While you’re looking for a great birthday gift, don’t forget the little things. Beyond a beautiful card, complement her gold-dipped rose with a Love Picker custom gift box in her favorite color.

Know just how much she loves her karats? Make it shine extra brightly with Love Picker’s ornate, gold-dipped vase, made just for her rose. All the better to showcase your lasting love!

Whether you go with real flowers or gold-dipped roses, single blooms or big bouquets, we hope you’ve found some great special-occasion inspiration here.




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