Who Is the Golden Bachelor?

golden bachelor

Who Is the Golden Bachelor?

The first ‘Golden Bachelor” is a seventy-one year-old, family man, looking for love on national television. He’s representing the many intelligent, virile and successful people seeking happily-ever after in their “golden years”. He’s charming, funny and down to earth. 

Our first ever Golden Bachelor is Gerry Turner, the stealer of at least 22 womens’ hearts if not most of us watching the show. He really seems kind and sincere. Gerry loved his wife who was his high school sweetheart and the love of his life until she died suddenly, in 2017, of a bacterial infection that spread to her kidneys and liver. After six years of mourning he’s ready to find a partner for his golden years. 

What’s With the Roses on the Bachelor?

‘The Bachelor’ uses the symbolism of roses for a promise, hope, commitment, desire, and love. At the ‘rose ceremony’ on each show, a woman is given a rose when she is picked to go on. As a person picks a rose, so do they pick a love. A single rose being handed to you by a suitor makes one feel that warm, hallmark movie, romantic feeling. Now, imagine it’s a 24 karat gold dipped rose! What an amazing symbol of everlasting affection. 

The Golden Roses of the Golden Bachelor

The women of the ‘Golden Bachelor’ are definitely golden roses themselves. These are women who have survived decades of changes in society, for the good and the bad. They have seen and lived for more than just themselves. These are not women in their twenties who have a few years of experience in love and life. These are ladies who have undoubtedly been handed many roses before.

The females competing for the ‘Golden Bachelor’s’ heart range in age from sixty to eighty. In the series premiere, they came out in all shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and eccentric qualities right from the start. Most of them are mothers and grandmothers with careers. From motorcycles to random chicken clucking, the ‘Golden Bachelor’ was more than a bit surprised by the vivacious crowd. 

The First Impression Rose

The great thing about all of the women on the ‘Golden Bachelor’ being older than before is the level of maturity. They were all admiring each other’s jewelry and dresses. Everyone was getting along brilliantly…..that is until the first impression rose made an appearance.  

Suddenly, the competition to be the last woman standing and handed what hopes to be a gorgeous 24 karat golden rose at the end became paramount. After all, womanhood aside; they are all there to get the rose and get the guy. 

Of course, the lady who rode in on a motorcycle was given the first impression rose. Faith Martin giddily accepted the first impression rose while exclaiming that she felt so special. The ‘Golden Bachelor’ truly dazzled all. 

How to Pick Just One? 

The ‘Golden Bachelor’ clearly has his work cut out for him. The women are eager to spark up a romantic time and this show feels like a last chance at love to many of them. Everyone was trying to stand out to him without being too crazy. Some accomplished the task while others may have been a bit too forward (was that her birthday suit?). 

Teresa, a woman who flashed a flesh-toned body suit to the ‘Golden Bachelor’, was also the first to kiss him. Yet, she wasn’t the first impression rose recipient? 

The Rose Ceremony 

Nonetheless, the rose ceremony already had us holding our breath and wondering who would be awkwardly crushed and sent home. It’s almost impossible to guess who will be the last woman standing and hopefully be handed a 24 karat gold dipped rose from the first ever ‘Golden Bachelor’. 

It seems safe to say that the woman who wins the heart of the ‘Golden Bachelor’ won’t just be handed a typical rose at the end of this series. How could she? This is a group of women who are as beautiful and different as they come. That’s why a timeless gift of a golden rose would be the cherry on top for the lucky lady who wins the first season of the ‘Golden Bachelor’.


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