Love Picker™ Gold Rose: The only rose that will never wilt or fade

Gold Rose

Love Picker™ Gold Rose: The only rose that will never wilt or fade

Spring is here and flowers are blooming – a plethora of colors and fragrances fill up the senses of all who take a stroll outdoors. No matter where you live, this is the most vibrant time of year – and it only lasts for a while. Our Gold Rose is forever!

In the years before cameras, artists would set up easels alongside flower gardens and work quickly to capture the essence of the many blooms, with roses being the most popular subject. It’s estimated that artificial flowers were invented as early as the 14th century so that the beauty of the Spring blooms could be enjoyed year-round.

The artificial flower trend that began in China spread to Japan and Korea, eventually reaching Western societies as new trade routes opened. Italian merchants began crafting flowers from silkworm cocoons in the 12th century, which started the silk flower trend.

By the 1300s, France improved upon the craft by using a better quality of silk, and by the 15th century, French-made faux flowers were considered the best. By the 1800s, the French had introduced the trade to England and in turn the English would take the art of silk flower manufacturing to America where it would become extremely popular.

During the Victorian period of the late 19th century, lavish flower arrangements were extremely popular. The language of flowers allowed people to send messages to one another simply by sending a bouquet. Most of the artificial flowers were made with silk, but other materials were used to make them too, including velvet, muslin, satin, crepe, cambric, and gauze.

The manufacturing of artificial flowers was an extremely time-consuming and skilled job that could take several years of training to learn. Some of the work that didn’t require tools was done at home, often by women and children of poor families. At the height of the trade, the 1891 census reported 4011 flower-makers in London alone.

For centuries, men spent much time and money on capturing the beauty of a rose, but it was all for naught, as the artificial version faded over time. Not until the Love Picker™ Gold Rose was there a way of replicating the rose that would last throughout eternity.

Unlike traditional roses that wither and fade – and silk roses that become dusty and discolored – Love Picker™ Gold Rose are meticulously preserved at the peak of their beauty and then dipped in lustrous 24k gold to create a stunning and enduring masterpiece. Each rose undergoes a painstaking process to ensure that its delicate and intricate details are preserved, from the elegant petals to the graceful stem, resulting in a timeless symbol of love that will never wilt or lose its luster.

In addition to their unparalleled beauty and symbolism, Love Picker™ Gold Roses are also an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative. By using real roses that are carefully preserved and then dipped in 24k gold, promotes sustainability and responsible sourcing, allowing customers to express their love while being conscious of their environmental impact.

Lovepicker offers a variety of options for personalizing their Gold Roses, allowing customers to create a uniquely meaningful gift for their loved ones. From selecting different rose colors to adding personalized engravings, the customization options ensure that each Gold Rose is as unique and special as the love it represents. With the ability to add heartfelt messages or significant dates, Love Picker™ Gold Rose becomes even more meaningful and cherished keepsakes.

Love Picker™ roses have been gifted for many reasons, including Golden Anniversary, graduation, convocation, baptism, christening, birthday, congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and dance recitals.

The Love Picker™ 24k Gold Rose was inspired by love and our passion for creating magical moments for all our customers. We have a variety of gifts available for both women and men; name engraving on the box is also available.

Our engineers, designers, and testers take great pride in offering only the best selection of hand-crafted gift boxes to protect your beautiful rose. Each Love Picker™ Gold Rose comes with a Certificate of Authentication.

The Love Picker™ 24k Gold Rose captures the timeless beauty of the new Spring bloom and immortalizes it as a treasure that will stand the test of time. It truly is the perfect way to symbolize eternal love and adoration.


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